Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Loose Cannon from Heavy Seas

If Heavy Seas’ Loose Cannon is an average craft beer (and, truly, it is slightly above) than the Golden Age of Beer has arrived.

Loose Cannon from Heavy Seas
7.25 % ABV

While nothing here is particularly exceptional, this beer adequately meets most expectations of the American India Pale Ale style.

A relative lack of bitterness is a singular disappointment.  With the self-assumed nickname of “Hop3” (“Hop-Cubed,” as in the three times Loose Cannon receives hops during the brewing process), there comes the expectation of a big bitter bite.  Unfortunately, it was found to be mostly missing.

This likely accounts for the surprising score of only 45 bitterness units for a beer genuinely “triple-hopped.”

For the purposes of this review, Loose Cannon was delivered from the cask.  In color, it was more brown than a grapefruit but its flavor profile reflected characteristics of said fruit.

Accompanying the grapefruit trait was more than a note of pineapple.  Loose Cannon was much more tropical than piney.  A bit more floral than earthy.

An interesting, and mostly desirable malt-like aftertaste lingered upon follow-through.  

Loose Cannon’s aroma was not overwhelming but shared many of the same aspects as the flavor profile and served well to prepare the taster for the drink to follow.

If one were to request a “good IPA” at the local pub, the barkeep would not be wrong to deliver Loose Cannon.  

While not especially remarkable, Heavy Seas’ Loose Cannon is certainly a 3 star (of 5) beer.  TheCraftBeerGuru.com recommends it.  It may especially work well as an IPA to introduce the inexperienced craft beer drinker to the style.  


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