Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dogfish Head Chicory Stout

This is a beer that requires a strong food pairing to best enjoy. 

Chicory Stout by the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Inc. 
5.2% ABV
21 IBU

Of course, the same may be said of many beers.  

The Chicory Stout, however, was a bit much.  I discovered that I only liked it when its flavor was countered.  In my case, that balance was provided by a robustly seasoned steak.  

Dogfish Head indicates 5.2% alcohol by volume in the Chicory Stout.  The flavor profile suggested a heavier dose.  The taste of alcohol was warming (and not positively so), immediate, and lasted throughout the drink's duration. 

The Chicory Stout poured dark; opaque really.  The texture, however, was thinner than one may expect from a stout.   Not just because of its thinness, the Chicory Stout seemed more a porter or schwarzbier than a genuine stout.  

The scent initially provided hints of cola and then quickly became overwhelmed by the aroma of bourbon.  

The mouthfeel was only moderately sticky and there existed plenty of popping carbonation.  

The Chicory Stout was not a particularly aesthetically appealing beer.  It left no residue in the glass and poured almost with no head.  

And the taste also was not remarkable.  The Chicory Stout was rich in a whiskey characteristic that I did not find pleasing.  The steak thankfully cut some of this otherwise overpowering and disappointing flavor.  I'd rather it not linger. 

Dogfish Head produces delicious India Pale Ales.  Their other styles fail to achieve the same successes.  As is the case with the Chicory Stout.  The flavor profile features too aggressive a smack of bourbon.  And, worse, not much else to provide quality balance. 

It features but a single dimension.  And, unfortunately, that one is hardly enjoyable.  

Dogfish Head produces good beers.  The Chicory Stout, however, is not one of them. This beer can not be recommended.  

When selecting a Dogfish Head, stick with the 60, 90, 120-Minutes.  Because the Chicory Stout only receives 1.5 of a possible five stars. 


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