Friday, November 30, 2012

Devil's Backbone Kilt Flasher

For a beer so titled the "Kilt Flasher," one may cheekily suggest that I approached this particular beer naked. 

Kilt Flasher - The Devil's Backbone Brewing Company
8.0% ABV, 20 IBUs

That is to say that I had no idea what to expect.  

I selected Kilt Flasher not because of what I knew about it specifically, which was nothing, but because of my sincere appreciation for Devil's Backbone, a superior, high quality and local brewery. In fact, according to the Great American Beer Festival, 2012's Small Brewpub and Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year.  

What I discovered in the Kilt Flasher was quite the complex brew.  

I liked it mostly, and I what I like mostly about it was the Kilt Flasher's peculiarity.  

This was a flavor profile that challenged me in good ways; so excessively unique initially that I feared my own inability to describe it accurately. 

That said, nothing about the way the Kilt Flasher appeared or smelled offered any indication of the wild flavor that awaited.   

It poured a dark mahogany with nearly no head to speak of.  

As the beer level lowered, the glass in which it was contained remained remarkably clear.  In other words, the Kilt Flasher clung not at all to its vessel. 

The scent, nearly nonexistent, did very little to prepare the consumer for the boldness to follow upon consumption.   

At first sip, I sensed Belgian influence, and, otherwise, a cacophony of things going on that I was then unable to clearly sort. 

I was taken back a bit by the finish, which provided strong, bubbly carbonation.  

While the mouthfeel was not as thick as the beer's tint may have suggested, the Kilt Flasher left a rather strong and lingering toffee aftertaste.  

As I continued to sample, two characteristics, likely related, were presented: sweetness, and cherries. 

The Kilt Flasher seemed a rather sugary beer.  Had I drank it blindfolded, I may have assumed it a Schwarzbier.  

Overall, I enjoyed this beer.  Although, I would not consider the Kilt Flasher sessionable.  It was too rich, too decadent, and exhibited too much of a candy-like quality for  multiple consumption.  

The Kilt Flasher was, though, a fun, single beer.  Perhaps best served as dessert.  

If you happen to locate a bottle for sale at your favorite pub, it is certainly worth enjoying.  

Although I prefer their delicious (and award-winning) Vienna Lager and Eight Point IPA, the Kilt Flasher is another high quality offering from the Devil's Backbone Brewing Company. 

Considering how enjoyable the Kilt Flasher is alone, this is a three star beer.  However, because appreciates brews offering flavors distinct from the pack, an extra half star is granted, resulting in 3.5 stars of a possible 5

If your local retailer offers the option to build your own six-pack, I recommend adding a single of Devil's Backbone Kilt Flasher to the pack.  

And savor as a nightcap after a hearty supper. 


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