Sunday, October 14, 2012

Churchkey, D.C.

Warm ambiance, inviting conversation, and an oh-so delicious collection of beers.  

Welcome to Churchkey, DC. 

Logo via Churchkey website.  Churchkey, DC: 1337 14th Street, Washington, D.C. 20005

Churchkey is a modern tavern located in a neighborhood of Washington, D.C. popular for revelry and fine eateries, Logan Circle.  

Specifically, Churchkey is the bar upstairs from another trendy and perhaps slightly more upscale watering hole, Birch & Barley.  

And Churchkey receives TheCraftBeerGuru's highest recommendation. 

The atmosphere is intriguing; sort of a dark speakeasy of days long past mashed successfully with  modern industrial decor.  

Initially, two obvious characteristics promote Churchkey above its peers within the District: 1. Robust collection of beers, both on draft and in bottles. 2.  Knowledgeable barstaff.  

As time passes during a visit to Churchkey, a much more significant quality presents itself: the sense of kinship among patrons and staff alike. 

A common passion, that for beer, is an easy conversation starter.  

Let's consider Churchkey's competition...

...Too often, in D.C., bar crowds tend to be isolationist in nature, patrons tending only to those parties accompanying them.  Perhaps for good reason.  Bar visitors in D.C. tend to be busy people.  Their conversations, often, important.  Even more often, sadly, companions need to be impressed, and require devoted attention.  Thus, mingling otherwise, is often limited. 

Now, back to the bar being presently considered...

The opposite is the case at Churchkey.  This is the type of place where strangers quickly stop being that, and just as quickly, become friends instead. 

Here, the bar tenders are delighted to speak the language of beer.  More satisfyingly, neighbors at the bar are equally as conversational.  

Churchkey offers a trendy D.C. style accompanied by a gracious spirit, more akin to the friendly pubs of the Midwest.  

This is the type of place where beers are shared.  In a city where politics rule, at Churchkey, conversation at the bar is, instead, about hops and barley. 

I can not speak to the food choices at Churchkey as I did not partake.  I can say that the prices, as I experienced, were fair.  I spent a full afternoon belly to the bar, enjoying a wide range of brews.  Yet, my experience resulted in a bar tab that I found very, very reasonable.  

Tremendously positive impression... 

Visit Churchkey for the beer. 

But stay for the experience.  

And, when you do, please tell them that sent you


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