Monday, September 10, 2012

Founders Breakfast Stout

This is the beer that everyone is talking about... 

Founders Brewing Breakfast Stout, 8.3% ABV

...And the hype is certainly justified.  

Founders Breakfast Stout is a big, bold beer.  Yet, not overwhelming.  

By nearly every measurement, this is beer done right.  It pours dark, with a thin brown head.  

The aroma is of pure, sweet malts.  From first glance and that initial smell, one is prepared for the treat that awaits.   

The Breakfast Stout delivers like a dessert, but manages to refrain from being excessively sweet.  The flavor of java is strong, but complimented well by notes of caramel.  

The back end delivers just a bit of bite, finishing similarly to a  Coca Cola (albeit the best darn Coke I've ever had!) 

The texture is thick, but not oily.  Again, Founders has measured this perfectly, managing to be robust, yet remarkably tempered.   

A pleasant and light syrupy aftertaste lingers. 

Through and through, every thing about Founders Breakfast Stout is solid.  

It's notably memorable.  This is a beer that I frequently crave.  When I choose a variety of beers, the Breakfast Stout is one of the few of which I select multiple bottles. 

The Craft Beer Guru rarely presents five-star ratings.  However, Founders Breakfast Stout certainly deserves it.  

So it shall receive: 5 stars, and the highest recommendation


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