Sunday, August 12, 2012

In Search of Exceptional Craft Beer...

...Maryland edition.  

(Well, with a quick pause in northern Virginia.) 

I spent my Saturday exploring, looking for good beer.  

My first stop was the DuClaw beer pub in Hanover, Maryland: 

The first brew I tried was one that I had not sampled before, their American dark ale.  They call it Black Lightning, and I really, really liked it. 

For a dark beer, it was plenty hoppy with a very rich kick of chocolate.  

DuClaw offered plenty of choices: 

From DuClaw, I typed "craft beer" in to my GPS and was directed to Frisco's Tap House:

There, I started with an an-always exceptional Stone offering, their Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale.  I finished with a Heavy Seas Gold Ale, served cask-conditioned: 

From there, I headed in to Virginia, and visited a Dogfish Head Alehouse

And chose a Shelter Pale Ale.  

I apologize for being light on the reviews this afternoon.  I am preparing for a trip to Seattle, but I wanted to share my adventure.  

While I discovered some outstanding ales this weekend, I'll choose to continue the journey...


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