Thursday, July 19, 2012

Craft Beer Club - Fredericksburg Virginia

As a fellow advocate of delicious beer, Brad, the bar manager at the 909 Saloon in downtown Fredericksburg, floated tonight the idea of a craft beer club.

Given the success of the Capital Ale House and local breweries, I think this is a great idea.

The goal would be, simply, to promote kinship amongst craft beer lovers.

If the club were to come to fruition, Brad has some fun ideas. As do I. For example, based on the club's preferences, Brad can order craft beers accordingly at the Saloon. I was thinking, so long as the club draws interest, that I would be certainly willing to donate funds, if others are willing to match, to set up events at local breweries. For example, I would think we would be able to rent a day at, say, Starr Hill in Charlottesville.

As a disclaimer, I will tell you that I have no affiliation with Brad's bar, other than being a big fan. And this is not a promotional event of the 909 Saloon. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you visited 909, and indicated your interest in the club, and ordered absolutely nothing, Brad would still love to take your email address and add you to the club. This is simply a product of his passion; which I totally echo!!

Please feel free to comment and suggest how we may be able to make this club a success. If you are interested, please visit 909 and submit your email address to Brad, or send it to me here.


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  1. Thanks for the promotion Steve! I can't wait to get this club rolling and ignite the passion for craft beer in Fredericksburg, while also fanning the flame in those who are already beer lovers.

    Already have 6 names on the list since we started collecting e-mails last week, so I will probably touch base with those interested in the upcoming week to get a basic interest meeting rolling. From there, the sky's the limit!

    P.s. Beer distributors are totally on board with the idea of the club, so there's a good chance we can get some guest speakers such as Beer reps and Master Brewers from around the area to come and chat with us, and hopefully bring some samples of their beer!