Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Xingu Black Beer

Today’s review is of a sweet dark lager, Brazil’s Xingu Black Beer.


Brewed by Cervejaria Sul Brasileira in Brazil, 4.70% ABV

The Xingu website indicates that the beer is derived from “old recipes on Indian beer,” and gets its name from a river with the same, in the Amazon rain forest. 

This Dark Beer has been sampled twice, both times at the always enjoyable Park Lane Tavern in Fredericksburg, Virginia; the first was upon recommendation from the trusted bar staff.  During each occasion, the lager was served in a glass, from a bottle.

As can be expected from its name, Xingu poured dark brown. It maintained a slightly sticky head, and produced a fruit-filled aroma. 

My overwhelming reaction, during both tasting occasions, has been to Xingu’s sweetness.  I describe it as tasting “like dessert.”  I detected hints of chocolate and, while tasty, the flavor may be excessively sugary for some palates.

Xingu also suffered from a lack of depth.  For being a dark brew, more was expected of its layers.  Instead, with Xingu, what you initially taste is, pretty much, what you get.  Its simplicity may also be its value (to some), but I’d prefer a bit more complexity.   

While I enjoyed the overall taste of the beer and especially appreciated its refreshing quality on a warm day, I note that it may be too “candy-ish” to serve as a session beer.  My suggestion is to enjoy Xingu outdoors, maybe best while barbecuing.  Other brews may be served throughout the day, and save the Black Beer for after dinner. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Xingu a six, with a recommendation to certainly give one a try; with the caveat that one may be enough.   

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